The Faux Bob

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For my long(er) haired people! Do you ever feel like chopping your hair off into one of those super chic bobs?…But then not. But kinda. Like maybe next time… Well I like to suggest to my clients who are wavering back and forth to try the Faux-Bob. No it’s not the same, but it gives you a glimpse into what you will look like with shorter hair. And it’s also a fun way to switch it up without actually cutting off all your hair! Here’s how to create the look…

1. Blow-dry your hair to look as smooth as possible, preferably using a round brush for the bang and crown section of your head. (Use a smoothing serum and volumizing spray if possible).

2. When your hair is completely dry, curl 1 inch sections of hair, starting from the back, using a 1 inch curling iron. Work your way to the front of your hair until all of your hair is curled, the more curls the better!

4. Once the hair is all curled, apply a small amount of shine serum to your hands and run your fingers through your hair to break up curls.

5. Tie a hair band at the very end of your hair. Then roll the hair under the elastic and tuck toward the nape of the neck. Be sure to spread the hair evenly in a horizontal direction (creating the look of a bob). If you hair isn’t super long you can leave the sides of your hair out to further create the illusion of the bob.

6. Secure with LOTS of bobby pins and spray your hair with a strong/medium hold hairspray.

7. Boom! You got a Bob!

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