4 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair


[How to handle your hair when wet]  Be Gentle!! Towel drying your hair too roughly can cause breakage, as can brushing your hair when wet. This is because wet hair is more prone to breakage and should be treated delicately. Try scrunching your hair with the towel from ends to root to take the moisture out, don’t rub it all over your head as fast as you can. Also I recommend getting a ‘Wet Brush’ if you do have tangly hair, or a wide tooth comb.

[How to brush wet hair]  When brushing, you should start by brushing the ends of your hair and move up as the tangles come out. This will significantly help with hair breakage, and is also much gentler on the scalp.

[Heat Protection]  Everyone knows the curling iron or flat iron is damaging to your hair. A great way to help protect your hair from such tools is by spraying on a heat protectant before styling or blow-drying your hair. Heat protectors are a great way to help hair stay strong through a lot of heat contact, and most add shine to your locks as a added bonus! Also, never turn your tools up to the hottest setting…shoot for the medium temp and save your hair the stress.

[Rubber band usage]  Buns or ponytails should be worn loosely in order to keep smooth, healthy looking hair. Wearing super tight buns (which I am guilty of) and tight ponies cause broken strands (you know those fun little fly-aways that never seem to grow, and stick straight up). Braids can be a lot less harsh on your hair, so if you need to pull your hair back go for a braid or a loose side bun.

Hope this helps! I can see a huge difference in my hair when I follow these simple steps each day.

Pump Up the Volume

Who doesn’t need a little volume in their life?


|Here are some tips & tricks to give your hair that extra lift!|

Start with the right products

Use a Boar bristle teasing brush or teasing comb, when teasing your hair. These types of brushes help create that friction when brushed down.

When your in the shower

Try not to put conditioner on the top portion of your hair, just condition your ends. This will help your hair hold the tease, and not fall out mid-day.

The work

Try to blow-dry your hair upside down for the majority of the time to help give it some extra lift. Once your hair is completely dry, add (Big Sexy Hair)  volumizing powder to the roots of your hair, just sprinkle a little all over in different areas, don’t dump it on top of your head. Then take a section of your hair about half an inch wide. Hold your hair tightly and straight back, away from your head and begin teasing the hair at the root back towards the scalp. Keep doing this in various sections around the sides and crown of your head.


Tease each section of hair about 3 times before backcombing you hair. Then use your teasing brush to smooth out the backcomb and use the pointed part of the brush to shape your hair without removing the tease. Once teasing is completed, take some sections around the hair and wind it around your curling iron to give it a finished look.

Make it last

I love Kenra light hold hairspray! It will hold your hairstyle without becoming sticky or too firm. Hold the hairspray the length of the can away from your hair and spray in the direction you want your hair to lie.

Final touches

Finish off your look with a good shine spray. I love Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray, it gives your hair that perfect gleam!

volume products brick|Product Recap| 1. Kenra light hold hairspray 2. Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray                           3. Big Sexy Volumizing Hair Powder 4. Teasing comb & Curling iron