Oh Hey Blondie

Had fun taking this lady to the blonde side today!



If any of the following apply to you, it may be time to try out the blonde side 😉

You were blonde/dirty blonde as a child. “If your hair was fair when you were small, especially by summer’s end, you probably have the right skin tone to pull off blonde as an adult,” says Brad Johns, global color director for Clairol
⁃ You can afford regular maintenance. Being a blonde is not cheap, its important to get your hair touched up regularly, as well as doing conditioning treatments every so often. “Think of blonde hair as the ultimate accessory — the one you never take off! You must keep it in excellent shape with regular touch-ups and proper products.”
⁃ You’re okay being a man magnet. “It’s no coincidence that blonde is the most popular hair color in LA, where it’s all about getting noticed,” Johns adds, “I can assure you it’s the shade men prefer.”